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  1. I don’t want to put anything on your page and I tried to contact you via FB. I’ve tried to open the zip from your gift and it’s giving me an “invalid error”. I’ve tried to redownload four times now and each time I get the same error. The JD_WinterSparkleland_Sampler opened just fine, but the JD_WinterSparkleland_Freebie will not. Is there any other way to grab this, please? Dropbox or anywhere? I’ve found that the massive group of us downloading at the same time has mucked up some of the gifts. Thank you!

  2. I am tying to use a piece of patterned paper in your set Everyday Life – January that is incomplete. I was wondering if I could get this file again. The file name is: juno_eljan_pp06.jpg
    Thanks for your help with this! I’m looking forward to using this kit for my January pictures for my Project Life album.


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